Knowledge Is Explosive Power In The Jump Manual

This program details every neglected aspect of explosive power that will increase your speed, your jump so you can amaze your teammates and the competition.  There is so much that you may be unaware of that could give you major increases to your explosive ability in jumping and speed. Diet is another topic covered in the Jump Manual, which can improve your muscle recovery, by 150%. Muscle recovery will allow you make faster gains in power, speed and prevent your from sustaining an injury when you start making your gravity defying acrobatic moves. Resistance training to allow your body to become accustomed to being overburdened a facet, which most other jump manual programs forget to include. Plyometrics increases muscle and tendon toughness in development to shorten the movement necessary for muscle fibers to contract which means you get higher faster. Get an understanding of what these techniques are, how they can improve your flexibility, speed, and explosiveness by purchasing the informational that will change your life and athletic ability.